Hemp Hemp Hooray - Hemp Seed Oil - Pure Hemp Oil (Cold Pressed)

See our full range of carefully selected natural hemp seed oil products from Hemp Hemp Hooray.

Hemp Hemp Hooray's amazing food grade hemp seed oil should ideally be used as a food source and health supplement such as fish oil for its high EFA content.

Also use as an all over body oil to aid in the healing of problem skin conditions such as psoriasis & eczema or as a nourishing moisturiser for very dry, cracked skin. It is also the perfect oil for acne care and is the best overall moisturiser for face, hand and body.

Ideally we should all be consuming this Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Hulled Hemp Seeds daily for optimum health.

This beautiful bright green oil has been cold pressed and produced in a GMO/GE Free production process. It’s essential fatty acid profile is 17.6% Omega 3, 55.4% Omega 6 and 4.8% Omega 9.


Hemp seed oil has been found to be a highly nutritious and essential in aiding the promotion of growth and slowing the ageing process. Hemp has excellent healing and moisturising properties for healing skin ailments and is particularly useful for people who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. We also have a range of fantastic hair products and hemp food.

For the very best in hemp seed oil products, contact us today.

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