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Hemp protein, oils & powders are perfectly suited to a human diet: There have been no reported cases of allergies. It is non-GMO Organic and it is the only plant to create and store its protein in the form of Edestin and Albumin. These are the forms that the human body already uses for the proteins in our blood and immune system and are therefore easily recognised and processed using minimal amounts of energy. It does not contain enzyme inhibitors and regardless of how much protein a powder contains, if your body cannot absorb it into its cells and/or it causes damage to your body, it is a waste of your time consuming it. The combination of Hemp’s highly digestible Edestin and Albumin protein with naturally occurring dietary fibre, abundance of naturally occurring digestive aids and zero sodium gives your body the best possible chance of taking what goes in your mouth and putting it to good use without causing any harm.

200ml - Pure Hemp Seed Oil
GREEN HEMP - Pure Hemp Seed Oil from $14.95 $39.00
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Hemp Hemp Hooray - Hemp Seed Oil - Pure Hemp Oil (Cold Pressed)
Hemp Hemp Hooray - Hemp Seed Oil - Pure Hemp Oil (Cold Pressed) Sold Out - $21.95 $22.95
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