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Hemp-Life formed out of a desire to support and promote the Industrial Hemp Industry within Australia

Who are we?

Myself (Aron) and partner Gemma moved to Australia from the UK (somewhere with a burgeoning Hemp Industry) in 2010 and setup a small IT consultancy and services business based on the southern Gold Coast. As the IT business became more established our thoughts turned to ways in which to make more of a positive impact from an environmental perspective.

Why Hemp?

In the UK it was normal for us to buy Hemp based food products in specialist health food shops or even larger supermarket chains and this is something that we noticed was a distinct difference following our initial move. Over time, and after some research, we discovered that Australia is more or less unique globally in that Hemp based foods are still illegal for consumption despite their widespread health benefits. We also found that there was only a relatively small number of growers and manufacturers producing local Hemp based products. This didn't seem to make sense given Australia's large scale and strong agricultural background coupled with ideal growing conditions. Hemp is such a wonderful natural resource, contains unique beneficial properties and can have such a positive impact on the environment relative to other crops used to make the same products - see our Hemp Info/Resources page for more details. 

Our Mission

We aim to promote the Industrial Hemp Industry within Australia by providing customers with quality products that are sustainably grown and ethically manufactured at the best prices possible.

We recognise that whilst Hemp is good for the environment this in itself is not going to support an industry reliant on consumer satisfaction. Hemp based products need to be comparable to, or of higher quality, than those made with other more established materials and again we believe that Hemp's natural properties allow it to excel in many of the areas that it can be used. We place emphasis on Australian grown and manufactured products and preferably those that use organic ingredients - this results in a win-win for consumers and the environment alike.

We're sure that the quality of products, assurance of our drive for sustainability, excellent customer service and great prices will attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more.

Please help spread the word!!

Aron, Gemma + The Hemp-Life Team

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